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These accessories were made for an indie horror movie called Plague Pits. 
They would be used in a flashback scene and a normal scene, resulting in an old and a new paint finish.
I worked on casting, cleaning up and painting/weathering.

They were all sculpted in monster clay after approving the designs with the client. 

For the snake "masks" the sculpt was moulded in plaster that was reinforced with burlap. 
We then cast two of each of the four masks mixing resin microballoons with fast cast to reduce the weight.
These were sanded and heat-formed to fit a human head comfortably and then painted and weathered.

The cuffs were also moulded in plaster after sculping, casting only one of each.
They were sanded and painted with silver.
A plastic chain was painted silver to look like metal and then attached to the cuffs.

The pendants were moulded in silicone since the mould was very small. 
We cast eight pendants so they could be painted half in silver and half in gold.
They were then fitted with silver and gold chain, and half of them were weathered. 

All of the accessories were fitted with ruby eyes. 


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