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All of the Puppets were made for Oak Grove College in Worthing for a children's theatre production
of the Lion King.
All of the puppets here were made by a big group of people.
This was for a very limited run and a low budget production so the emphasis was on art and style,
rather than durability. 
The Elephants skeletal structure was made up of pipes and fibreglass rods.
It was then covered in Plastizote scraps to create a more realistic body shape.
After that, it was covered in see-through scrim and calico, so the puppeteers are visible.
The Elephant head was cut and glued from Plastizote, and then also covered in calico. 
The whole thing was then base coated and painted.


Pumba´s head and frame were cut and glued in Plastizote, with Plastic reinforcements. 
Backpack straps and velcro were added to make the whole puppet wearable. 
The whole puppet was then covered in PVA and in white paint to prime it.
Afterwards, it was painted and hair that was made from brushed out wool was added.

Description 2

The giraffes were made up of a pipe skeletal structure and Parasol stands. 
Plastizote discs in different sizes were added to the pipes to create a body shape. 
These were then clad in see-through scrim and calico.
The giraffe heads were cut and glued from Plastizote, which were then also coated in calico.
Both puppets were then assembled and painted.

Description 3

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