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This is an installation that was made by a group of 7 for a comic book shop with a grid ceiling.
It was given a removable metal frame so that the client could move it into any ceiling.
All of the additional body parts of the alien are also removable to take off for moving.
The body parts of the alien were carved out of Celotex
and optimized with hard expanding foam as needed.
In the case of the head, details like pipes were added and secured.
Afterwards, everything was fibreglassed with tissue matting and sanded after. 
The last imperfections were fixed with car body filler and Milliput, the parts then were primed and painted.
For the head, we achieved a see-through look by pouring a water-clear epoxy on it after painting.


These teeth were again made by a group of people.
The teeth for the alien in the movie were made out of chromed metal that was sanded into shape.
Since it is an installation that could technically be reached if one tried hard enough, we decided against any hard or sharp materials.
The initial teeth were made out of milliput, which were sanded, coated in filler primer and polished. 
They were then moulded in silicone and cast in fast cast.
We initially tried cold casting, unfortunately, it didn't end up in a shiny enough finish.
Thus, they were primed with black gloss primer and airbrushed with silver paint.
The effectiveness of the silver paint can be seen on the normally copper coin.


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